вторник, 20 ноября 2012 г.

In our life there are moments that we will remember forever. They fade, izotrutsya, turn yellow as old photos, but they will remain forever. Idazhe a long time at the memory of them in all contracts, stops, turns. We start remembering people, happy and sad moments, events. And the smile on her lips, suddenly slezy.Zabud all that connects you with your past. live the present. Appreciate what you have now. Otherwise, then there will not be that. And then would be too late to regret. And there is nothing. Do not let people who are now with you and what you have to have the meaning which it plays a role in your life, prices now. Do not think about the past. Let him go. It only hurts ... There you are, there are, love the people who are close and always ready to support you, they are few, very little sincerity.

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